Casa Ray Beach Lodge is approximately 650km north of Maputo along the tar EN1 to Massinga.

From Maxixe to Pomene it is approximately 50km and the turn off to Pomene is about 7km North of Massinga. We suggest that you tackle this section of the route in daylight hours and preferably well before dark if you are not familiar with it. It should take you about 2-2.5hours depending on your speed. This section of the route (see attached map) is exceptionally scenic and gives one a better taste of what it is like to live in the area.

It takes you through the town of Rio das Pedras (keep to the middle route through the town) and then the small village of Manhenge. (take the right hand route). You are now approximately 20km from Ilomba. A few km’s down the road when between the clinic on your left hand and church on the right, it is time to stop and engage four wheel drive. You will be well advised to let some air out of your tyres to approximately 1.7bars. This section of the road has thick sand and you will encounter a fairly steep hill towards to end of this section.

You will see sign boards along the route saying “Paradise Lodge” which you can follow. Soon after the hill you will be greeted with the entrance to Casa Ray and a spectacular view of the sea and estuary from the top of the hill. The Ridge chalets will be to the right just after the entrance and the shore cottages are to left and right at the bottom of the ramp.


CRBL Massinga to Pomene North map
CRBL Pomene Ridge map